Clinical studies in children

Care options for your child. Attention to your child’s health.

A child’s health and well-being is one of a parent’s greatest concerns. With growing minds, and bodies, and sensitive biological systems, children have very specific health care needs. Treatments for childhood illness or disease must be specifically formulated to meet the needs of the children who need them.

Clinical studies for children help develop safe and effective treatments that are better suited to the needs of a child. Clinical studies are not only for experimental treatments, but also for medications that are already available on the market. Studies of existing treatments are designed to help researchers monitor the treatment and understand how it compares to other treatments available.

In any clinical study your child’s participation makes an important contribution to the health care of children around the world – and may benefit your child directly as well.

Some of the benefits of participation

  • Clinical studies provide opportunities to potentially access a new or existing treatment at no cost and under the close care and supervision of medical professionals.
  • Clinical studies will always be free for you and your child, and may offer remuneration for the time and effort required.
  • Your child’s health and safety will be closely monitored throughout the study by experienced health professionals and researchers.

To find out if there is a trial that could benefit your child, visit our Current Studies page.

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